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The Impatient Discount Program

Early users are raving about NextBroker, the data management platform for benefit agencies. They didn’t want to wait for the launch of NextHR, the employee management tool brokers can give to their clients for free. For those of you too impatient to wait for NextHR we’ve got a great offer for NextBroker: 50% off your NextAgency subscription fees until three months after we launch NextHR. Learn More.

You Provide the High-Touch. We’ll Deliver the High-Tech.

It’s a new market with new client expectations and new competitors. It’s time for a new approach. Welcome to NextAgency.

reportGrow your agency with robust CRM, quoting, and enrollment tools.

resourceBe a hero and simplify your clients’ HR and benefit administration.

DollarSave time and money with affordable products and resources.

NextAgency is a suite of powerful data management engines with two components. NextBroker is easy-to-use, flexible software that helps brokers more efficiently sell and service their clients. And NextHR is software brokers can give their clients to help them more easily manage their employees and benefits.

With  footer-next-agency you’re in control.

NextAgency Control

That’s what happens when brokers build software for brokers. NextAgency is powerful and flexible. Because we know your success is built upon you doing what you do best the way you do it best. Our job is to make that more efficient and effective.

Oh yeah. About that elephant in the room.


Zenefits. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Maybe your clients have? Or they’ve heard of Namely or Gusto. They’re pretty much the same: exchange free HR admin software to get your client’s Broker of Record. With NextAgency you can fight back … and win. Because on a level-playing field with our tech and your value, they don’t stand a chance.

Protected privacy.

NextAgency Privacy

Your clients depend on you and NextAgency to keep their sensitive data private. That’s why we use powerful encryption and limit access to sensitive information. Privacy and data security aren’t afterthoughts at NextAgency. They’re built in.

NextAgency and NAHU.

Our focus on broker, protecting your data and delivering flexible, straightforward software helped us be selected as an NAHU affinity partner. Which means NAHU members receive a discount when investing in NextAgency and the association benefits as well.



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