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Insurance agency management software for you. Employee management tools for your clients.

You Provide the High-Touch. We’ll Deliver the High-Tech.

Insurance agencies face new client expectations and new competitors. It’s time for a new approach.
Welcome to NextAgency.

Agency Management Software with CRM ToolsRobust CRM, insurance agency and commission management tools.

Employee Management ToolsSimplify your insurance clients’ HR and benefit administration.

Coming soon: NextMarketSave time and money with affordable products and resources.

NextAgency is a suite of powerful software for insurance brokers with two components. NextBroker is an easy-to-use insurance agency management system with CRM tools to save you time, money and clients.  NextHR is straightforward employee management software that helps brokers’ clients track employees’ time and attendance, on-board new hires and send data to payroll and other vendors.

With  footer-next-agency you’re in control.

NextAgency Control

That’s what happens when insurance brokers build software for insurance brokers. NextAgency is powerful and flexible. Because we know you built your agency’s success by doing what you do best the way you work best. Our goal is simply to help you and your team work do what you do faster and easier. With support for group and individual, benefits, life, senior, P&C, and more. NextAgency’s NextBroker agency management system with CRM tools will save you time, money and clients.

Painless set-up — for free — with NextConcierge

The fun part of using NextAgency is building your business. We make it simple to set up your agency in the system with templates and an intuitive process. But there’s an even easier way: let us do it for you — for free. We’re fast, reliable and experienced.

Oh yeah. About that elephant in the room.


Zenefits. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Maybe your clients have? Perhaps they’ve heard of Namely or Gusto? They’re pretty much the same: insurance agencies exchanging free HR admin software for your client’s Broker of Record. With NextAgency you can fight back … and win. Because on a level-playing field, with our tech and your value, they don’t stand a chance.

Protected privacy.

NextAgency Privacy

Your clients depend on you and NextAgency to keep their sensitive insurance and financial data private and secure. That’s why we use powerful encryption and limit access to sensitive information. Privacy and data security aren’t afterthoughts at NextAgency. They’re built in.

NextAgency and NAHU.

NextAgency and NAHU

We built NextAgency for insurance agents and their clients with a focus on protecting data and delivering flexible, straightforward software. NextBroker, our insurance agency management software with CRM tools, combined with NextHR, our straightforward and free employee management system, will help you save time, money and clients. That’s a key reason NAHU selected us as an affinity partner. Which means when NAHU members save on NextAgency and support the association.