NextBroker: The Powerful Broker Software Solution

An Agency Management System that helps you sell more, more easily.

NextBroker is a powerful agency management system for health and life agencies. Yet it’s very easy to learn and use. NextBroker boasts a host of features. Track prospects through your sales pipeline and clients who need service. Quickly access carrier, client and agency files from anywhere at any time. Simplify your quoting and enrollment processes. Keep on top of commissions and create sub-agent commission statements. Whether you sell group or individual coverage, employee benefits, life, Medicare or P&C,  NextBroker helps you grow your business.

Insurance Agent CRM Software

Powerful CRM

Easily track prospects through your pipeline: Everything you need concerning your prospects and clients in one place, at all times, accessible from anywhere including contacts, forms, notes and reminders to follow-up.

Fast-Track Sales

Selling just got easier:  From quoting through proposals and enrollment, your sales cycle just got faster and simpler. And with NextBroker, your entire team knows that status of each prospect and can quickly find the information they need to close the sale.

Insurance Agent CRM Software
Insurance Agent CRM Software

Commission Tracking

Get paid right: NextBroker makes it easy to upload and audit commissions, making sure you get what you’ve earned and saving you time better spent selling. NextBroker makes quick work of commission splits, generating commission statements for sub-agents and shared cases.

Prospect/Client Libraries

All the information you need in one place so you can easily get in touch with, well, whoever you need to get in touch with, with all your notes, files and more right at hand.

Insurance Agent CRM Software

Insurance Agent CRM Software

Carrier Libraries

Carrier forms and notices all in one place where everyone in your agency can access them from any place at any time. No more scrambling when you forget the one form you need or need to review that latest policy change.