Commission Tracking

Track Your Commissions Quickly and Easily

Get the compensation you’re entitled to with our convenient commission tracking tools. NextBroker makes it easy to upload and audit insurance commissions, making sure that you get what you’ve earned and saved you time. The application makes quick work of commission splits by generating commission statements for subagents and shared cases.

Agency Management System

Manage Commissions

With NextBroker, you can manage your commissions as follows:
• Get a detailed overview of all commission records related to your prospect or client.
• Fetch information about linked carriers with one click.
• Split the commissions between subagents.

Review Commission Statements

NextBroker allows you to generate custom Excel reports and view intuitive charts on commission statements. As a result, you can quickly review the status of your commissions, related payment amounts and other data in one place.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Detect Unpaid Commissions

Control your commissions and get paid right. With NextBroker, you can identify unpaid commissions through our reporting functionality. As a result, finding missing commissions on clients and taking necessary actions has never been easier.