Technically they’re licensing fees, but really they’re just a great investment.

You: Simply Affordable. Your Clients: Free. As in Zilch.

Whether you choose a monthly subscription or save with a longer license, you get the core NextAgency software: NextBroker agency management system with CRM tools for you and unlimited, free NextHR installations for all your clients.

NAHU Member License Fee


Standard License Fees

Fees are “per Broker” whether an Administrative Broker or Writing Broker. Support Staff are free!  Please see the Pricing FAQs. You must be and continue to be an active NAHU member to qualify for the lower fee. And yes, we check.

All the pricing periods provide licenses granting full access to NextBroker’s powerful agency management system with CRM tools, sales support, and agency libraries. In addition, each library enables you to give prospects and clients our NextHR employee management platform delivering time and attendance tracking, benefit support, and more.

Best of all, there’s no limit on NextHR installations. Unlimited Groups. Unlimited employees.

Now That’s Simply Affordable.