Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies

Automated Workflow for Insurance Agencies

Every day insurance agents need to do routine tasks, such as new client onboarding, lead follow up, policy renewals, sending reminders, etc. Doing such tasks manually may often lead to human error. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, when you can automate almost everything with specialized software and thus reduce the chance of mistakes. The insurance agency workflow procedures are not an exception.

An automated insurance workflow is a series of tasks that are created automatically when a specific event (trigger) occurs, such as an email sent to a prospect. In this article, we are going to give some examples of such workflows.

Automated Workflow Examples

1. Renewal reminders sent to the team

If the policy renewal date for a certain case is approaching, it is possible to automate the reminder workflow. The system creates a task for the responsible team member who should reach out to the client and remind them to start the renewal process. It is possible to set up when this task should be triggered, i.e. 3 months prior to the renewal date. It is also possible to set up more reminders if there is no reaction, e.g. 3 weeks prior to the renewal date. As a result, no manual input is required – automation makes sure that everyone gets reminders on time.

2. Birthday reminders

You can also trigger the workflow when a client has a birthday so you can send the greetings on time, with reminders prior to the birth date.

3. Follow up calls on proposals

This insurance workflow is triggered when the case status is changed to proposal. It sends a series of reminders to a responsible agent who should then schedule a call.

4. New lead follow up

When a new lead is added to the system, it can send the automated welcome email to them.

5. Medicare eligible – 65 years old

This workflow is triggered when the clients in the client base turn 65. After their 65th birthday, the system automatically sends a reminder that now they are eligible for the Medicare policy.

Our NextBroker agency management system can help you set up such automated workflows. We also offer predefined workflows that you can customize to any extent.

Why Automate the Workflows?

Insurance workflow automation has a range of undeniable advantages, such as:

1. Reduced risks

Manual processing of insurance agency workflow procedures can lead to mistakes, e.g. some steps in the renewal process can be missed. This can negatively impact the reputation of your agency.

2. Saved time

The agents can focus on more important tasks while the system will be doing routine tasks for them.

3. Staying up to date

With automated workflows, the staff can keep track of all current processes in the agency quickly and efficiently.

So if you are thinking of how to automate your agency routine, we at NextAgency are ready to help. Contact us today and let’s schedule a live demo so you can see which features we offer.