Commission Tracking

You earned it. Make sure you get it.

Track and Audit Your Commissions the Easy Way

NextBroker makes it easy to upload and audit insurance commissions, making sure that you get what you’ve earned. Our powerful tools help you save time and hassle, too. NextBroker’s commission reports help you identify clients in danger of lapsing and generate sub-agent payment reports, too.

Agency Management System

Manage Commissions

Trust, but verify. Mistakes happen. Sometimes it’s human error; sometimes it’s the computer’s fault. But the result is, you’re not paid what you’ve earned. With NextBroker’s commission tracking tools you’ve got the information you need to make sure you’re getting what you’ve earned at any time. Significantly, you also get to choose who has access to commission information.

Analyze Commissions

Understand your commissions. NextBroker’s commission tools and reports allow you to do more than track commissions We help you analyze them. Monitor your compensation by carrier, client, product line, broker, sub-agent and more. Because the more you know about your revenue, the easier it is to grow it.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Prevent Lapses

NextBroker’s commission tracking tools can save clients. We all know how hard it is to get a client reinstated after they’ve lapsed. That’s why NextBroker helps you identify those clients who are falling behind in their premiums, enabling you to reach out to them before they lapse. An easy way for you to save the day.