Meet the NextCommission Add-on

You earned it. NextAgency makes sure you get it.

Track and Audit Your Compensation the Easy Way

Get what you’ve earned. NextAgency makes it easy to upload and audit commissions, bonuses, fees and overrides. Our optional commission management addon, NextCommission, helps track your compensation with less hassle. Agencies tell us they’ve cut time spent uploading commissions by 50% and more. And NextCommission reports help you identify clients in danger of lapsing, generate sub-agent statements, and spot underpayments.

Manage Commissions

Trust, but verify.
Mistakes happen. NextAgency commission tracking tools get you the information you need to make sure you’re getting what you’ve earned. Whether what you’ve earned is commissions, overrides, fees or bonuses. And you control who in your agency has access to commission information.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Analyze Commissions

Understand your revenue.
NextAgency commission tools and reports allow you to do more than track commissions We help you analyze them. Identify trends and project the future with historical reports. Monitor your compensation by carrier, client, product line, broker, rep and sub-agent. The more you know about your revenue, the easier it is to grow it.

Prevent Lapses

Save clients before they’re lost.
We all know how hard it is to get a lapsed client reinstated. That’s why NextAgency helps you identify those clients who fall  behind in their premiums. Now you know who to contact to keep them on the books. Think of it as “saving the day” made easy.

Agency Management System
Split Commissions

Split Commissions

Manage sub-agents and track what they’ve earned.
Tracking payments to sub-agents is easy with NextAgency. Set-up schedules, create commission statements and see who is producing what. Each sub-agent has its own record, too. Attach files, make notes, and establish tasks. NextAgency makes it simple.

Manage Sub-Agents

Track, Manage and Support Sub-Agents
NextCommissions enables powerful features to manage your downstream agents. Monitor and generate insightful reports on their sales and easily generate commission statements. Improve sub-agent management by creating tasks and notes, and reach out with targeted email campaigns. With NextCommissions, you can applly commission splits based on percentage or flat amounts, and even accomodat multiple tiers.

Agency Management System
Split Commissions

Outsource Commission Entry

With NextAssistant, you send us your commission statements, we enter the data.
Entering your commissions into NextAgency is easy. With NextAssistant it’s even easier. You securely send us your statements. We enter them into NextCommissions for you — quickly and accurately. To determine your agency’s monthly fee, we’ll enter one month’s statements for free, then provide you with a quote. NextAssistant is an optional service. You decide whether to import your commission data or have us do it for you.

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