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NextAgency delivers a modern, powerful agency management system with CRM, marketing and commission tools. Sell life, health or and senior product? To individuals or groups? NextAgency helps you succeed.

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Phone: (469) 269-2226

NextAgency Helps You:

  • Grow sales
    with powerful CRM tools
  • Focus your team
    with shared notes and tasks
  • Improve customer service
    with workflows and reports
  • Sync Gmail and Outlook emails
    with case records
  • Keep commitments
    with personalized to-do lists
  • Get what you’ve earned
    with commission management
    (available with the Premium package)
  • Deliver greater client value
    with free benefit management software
    for your clients

A Powerful Agency Management System
for Agencies Eager to Succeed

Be More Effective and Efficient with CRM Tools

 Here’s how you can grow your agency with our CRM tools: 

  • Organize your daily routine with a personalized timeline.
  • Automate your sales and marketing processes.
  • Access your data from whenever you need.
  • Track your prospects and clients.
  • Never miss a commitment.

Track and Input Commissions Quickly and Easily

NextBroker makes it easy to upload and audit insurance commissions, overrides and bonuses.

As a result, you get what you’ve earned and save time. Manage commission splits, generate reports and more.

Available with the NextAgency Premium package.

Centralize All of your Emails in One Place

NextMail brings your inbox into NextAgency – but only the folders you choose.

Make messages and attachments a part of your case records.

Emails from or to your clients are automatically routed to them. Assign third party emails to cases in a just a few clicks.

Track and Record Employee Benefits

NextBroker’s helps you assign benefits to your clients.

Easily create your own benefit policies and manage both current in-force and past policy information.

Documents When and Where You Need Them

NextBroker’s libraries stores your files and documents in the cloud so they’re available when and where you need them.

Easily download forms and share them with others.

Importing Your Data Has Never Been Easier

Get your existing data into NextBroker the fast in easy way: let our professionals do it for you.

NextConcierge: fast, affordable and trustworthy.

NextAgency and NABIP 

NextAgency is built for you, the professional life, health and senior agency. Given that two of NextAgency’s
original founders are past NAHU presidents, that’s no surprise.

NextAgency is already a great value. Because we are a NABIP Affinity Partner, NABIP members
save 5% on our already affordable subscription fees and 50% on our optional data migration fees.
Plus they support the association. That’s a win-win-win.