Q. How much does NextAgency cost?

NextAgency is a great investment because it’s both powerful and affordable. We don’t hide our pricing. It’s right there on our pricing page.

We also enable you to purchase what you need. The NextAgency Core Platform is all that is required. Add commission management or integrations only if you need them. If you choose to use our NextConcierge service there is a separate charge, but using NextConcierge optional.

Our fees are already affordable, but there are a couple of ways to save even more:

Agencies in which there is an active NABIP member save 5% on license fees for the Core Platform and 50% on optional NextConcierge migration services.

Agencies purchasing an annual license get two months free (a 16.7% saving. Please note, however, that all licenses are pre-paid and non-refundable.

Q. What's the difference between license fees, add-on fees and usage fees?

License fees apply to our Core Platform and Commission tools.

Add-on Fees apply to integrations like those through Zapier.

Usage fees are the cost of a few specialty items. These reflect fees charged to NextAgency by third-parties. For example:

  • Email campaigns cost $0.02 per email. This helps us comply with legislation and regulations relating to mass emails.
  • Texts cost $0.03 cents per text (sent or received) and the phone number you purchase to use NextText costs $5.00 per month (or $50 per year).

The NABIP discount and any promotions apply only to License fees, not Add-on or Usage fees.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract with NextAgency?

No. The monthly license for NextAgency is truly on a month-to-month basis. We hope you won’t, but you can leave at the end of any month. If you do, you will not need to make additional payments. 

This differs from how most of our competitors work. They lock you into a contract for one-to-three years. They will bill you on a monthly basis, but your obligation to keep paying them continues until the end of your contract even if you no longer use their software. 

We do offer an annual license for NextAgency. This provides you with two months free compared to our monthly subscription. Like all our subscription fees, the annual license is paid up-front and is non-refundable. We recommend you start with a monthly license. Then, once you’re certain NextAgency is the right solution for you, consider switching to an annual license to capture the savings.

Are License Fees guaranteed?

Yes. Your initial subscription fees are guaranteed for at least 12 months. As a practical matter, since we launched in 2017 we have not increased subscription fees (those for the core platform and commissions module) on existing customers. Existing agencies can move to the current fee schedule if it’s a better deal for them at their next renewal, but we have not forced agencies to change if they are better off with their initial schedule.

Q. Is there a single agency bill or are users invoiced separately?

We charge a single credit card for all the users and services associated with your agency. That’s why we prorate new users to assure that everyone on your team renews at the same time.  

Q. Can I pay for our licenses by check?
Not at the present. All of our transactions are by credit card for now. We accept American Express, MasterCard and VISA.  
Q. How do I claim the NABIP discount?

Simply indicate you are a NABIP member during the sign-up process. As NextAgency is an Affiliate Program Partner with the National Association of Health Underwriters, you will receive a 5% discount on the license fees for the Core Platform and save 50% on the optional NextConcierge data migration services.

At least one user in your agency must be an active NABIP member to earn this discount. We check with NABIP to confirm the membership of our users on a regular basis. If you are not showing as a NAHU member we will contact you so you can work things out with NABIP. If it turns out an agency is not eligible for the discount, we will charge the agency’s credit card for the difference between the standard fee and the discounted fee.

Q. I’m not a NABIP member now, but I’d like to join. How do I do that?

The National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (formerly NAHU) is a tremendous value. NABIP represents brokers’ interests in Washington and your state capital, provides powerful education and compliance tools and offers the chance to network with professional colleagues. You can join the association at

Q. I have an annual license. What if I add another user mid-year?

We pro-rate license fees so all the users in your agency have the same renewal date. New users are pro-rated whether you pay monthly or annually.

Q. What if someone leaves my agency, can I use their NextAgency license for another user?

Monthly license fees are non-transferable (and are non-refundable). Annual licenses, however, can be transferred. That’s only fair as these fees are also non-refundable.

Q. What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will remain active through the billing period you have paid for. During this time you can continue to use NextAgency.

You own the data you enter in NextAgency. This means you can use the remainder of your billing period to export your data. If you need extra time to off-load your data, call us and we will make reasonable arrangements. At the end of your billing period your subscription is deactivated. You will be unable to log into NextAgency and your data will be deleted.  

NextCommission Solo and NextAssistant

Q. What is NextCommission?

NextCommission is a powerful suite of commission and sub-agent management tools that enable you to track, split and audit commissions. NextCommission is available as a fully-integrated add-on to NextAgency or on a standalone basis as NextCommission Solo.

Q. What is the difference between NextCommission as an add-on and NextCommission Solo?

NextAgency is a comprehensive agency management system featuring CRM and marketing tools. The NextCommission add-on extends NextAgency’s capabilities to include compensation tracking and sub-agent management.

NextCommission Solo is that add-on, but available on a stand-alone basis. NextCommission Solo enables agencies to maintain a database of their clients and contacts as this information is required to tie commissions to specific clients. Other NextAgency tools, like tasks and notes, email syncing, automation, email campaigns, workflows and the like are not included with NextCommission Solo.

Compare NextAgency with NextCommission and NextCommission Solo features here.

Q. Can I start with NextCommission Solo and later move to NextAgency with the NextCommission add-on? And vice versa?

Yes. Whether you’re moving from NextCommission Solo to NextAgency or going in the opposite direction, your data will move with you.

Q. What is NextAssistant?

Both NextAgency’s NextCommission add-on and NextCommission Solo make it quick and easy to import commission statements. Some agencies, however, want to save even more time by having someone else upload their commissions. That’s why we offer NextAssistant. You securely send us your commission statements. We upload them into your NextAgency portal.

Q. How much does NextCommission cost?

NextCommission Solo is both powerful and affordable. Subscription fees for the standalone product are just $160 per month per agency for up to five seats. Each additional set of five seats is also $160 per agency (so the fee for an agency needing 6-10 seats would be $320).

The monthly subscription fee for NextCommission as an add-on to NextAgency is $120 per agency regardless of the number seats — a savings of 25% or more

As with NextAgency, NextCommission monthly subscription fees are truly month-to-month; no long commitment required. Agencies opting for an annual subscription get two months free — a 17% saving. All NextAgency subscription fees are pre-paid and non-refundable.


Q. What is NextConcierge?

NextConcierge helps you get your current agency data into NextAgency. We designed NextAgency to make it easy for you to do this yourself. And we train you on how to do this for free.

Some agencies, especially those with complicated data, request our help. We will review your data and provide you with a quote for the work involved. The choice to use NextConcierge is yours and is voluntary. To learn more, please check out our NextConcierge Overview and Description.

Q. How much does NextConcierge cost?

The cost of NextConcierge depends on several factors: the amount of data; the complexity of that data; and the “quality” of that data (whether there is a lot of clean-up required). This is why we look at your data and provide you with a quote before you commit to using the NextConcierge service.

If you choose not to use the NextConcierge service, there is no charge for the training we provide on how to on-board the data yourself. 

Q. How long does the NextConcierge process usually take?

That depends on the amount, complexity and quality of your data. Some migrations take a couple of weeks; others have taken more than a couple of months. Please keep in mind, during the NextConcierge process you are responsible for gathering and sharing your data. You also need to sign-off on the finished work. How long the entire process takes, consequently, depends on how fast your agency accomplishes this. 

Q. Am I required to use NextConcierge?

No, NextConcierge is an optional service. We will train you for free on how to on-board your agency information yourself if you like.

Q. What if I'd like you to onboard additional information after the NextConcierge process ends?

Training you on how to on-board new data is free. If you decide to use the NextConcierge service, we will look at the data and provide you with a quote.

Roles and Permission

Q. User roles and permissions within NextAgency clearly matters. Why?

NextAgency provides you with substantial control over who can see your agency’s data and what they can do with that data. We do this through Roles (which determines what they can see) and Permissions (which determines what they can do). 

There are five Roles in NextBroker:

  1. Administrative Brokers may see all data in the system. They have permission to do anything and everything.
  2. Agency Support users may also see all cases in NextBroker. They have only the permissions assigned to them by an Administrative Broker. For example, they can be denied the permission to view commission data.
  3. Writing Brokers may only see data related to cases on which they are the Broker of Record or to which they have been added to the case team. They have only the permissions assigned them by an Administrative Broker.
  4. Broker Support users may see only the cases on which the broker to which they’re assigned is the Broker of Record or to which they have been added to the case team. They have only the permissions assigned them by an Administrative Broker.
  5. External Users may see only the cases to which they are assigned. These are usually sub-agents who can only view data. They cannot edit, add, or delete data.
How are Roles and Permissions different from Preferences?

Preferences relate to how or when certain information is presented. For instance, you may choose to display phone numbers as a string of numbers or use hyphens (e.g., xxx-xxx-xxxx). Once set this particular preference applies to everyone in the agency.

Some preferences are set on a per-user basis. For example, you can set preferences as to how often you receive notifications concerning tasks, notes and tickets.

Roles and permissions, on the other hand, concern who can see what data and what they can do with the data they can see.

Q. Who are Administrative Brokers?

Administrative Brokers are the power users in your agency. They have access to all cases in the system and have permission to do everything.

The first person in your agency to sign-up with NextAgency is given Administrative Broker status (this status can be changed later). This individual invites others onto the NextAgency platform and assign them their roles, including as Administrative Brokers.

Given the access and control Administration Brokers have, we encourage you to be careful to whom you assign this role.

Q. Who are Writing Brokers?

Writing Brokers are brokers assigned to a case (either as the Broker of Record or a team member). Their name appears on all communications with their clients. Writing Brokers can only see cases to which they are assigned. What they can do with the data is determined by the permissions granted them by Administrative Brokers.

Q. Support Staff - Who are they?

There are two types of support staff: Agency Support and Broker Support. Agency Support users may see information related to any case in NextAgency. Broker Support sees only information related to those cases the Broker they are assigned to can see or on cases to which they are added to the case team.

Both Agency Support and Broker Support have the permissions assigned to them.

Q. What are External Users?

External Users are usually not employees of your agency. Most are sub-agents. They have the ability to view cases to which they are assigned. You can also choose to share sub-agent commission reports with them that show only information related to the cases to which they are assigned.

External Users cannot add, delete, or edit records in NextAgency. They can only view data. And even then, they can only view the case data for which they have permission.

Both Agency Support and Broker Support have the permissions assigned to them.

Q. Who assigns roles in my agency?

Administrative Brokers have the authority to invite Writing Brokers, Agency Support, Broker Support and other Administrative Brokers onto your agency’s NextAgency account. If given permission to do so, Agency Support and Writing Brokers may invite other users and assign them their roles and permissions.

Data Protection

Q. How do you protect data from hackers?

Your account with NextAgency is password protected. Data in transit is encrypted. And your data is housed by one of the most secure cloud hosts in the world.

The data you enter into NextAgency is housed in the “cloud.” This simply means your data is not on a server in your office or in ours, but on a third-party’s server. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) — as do many of the nation’s largest and most trusted companies like NASA and banks. AWS protects your data.

When you or your clients enter sensitive information (such as sign-in credentials) our security protocols kick in. We adhere to among the strongest available encryption standards, such as 256-bit SSL encryption. Data is transferred with high-grade TLS.

We can’t guarantee that information during electronic or email transmission or digital storage mechanism can never be hacked, but by teaming with Amazon you can be confident in the security of your data.

Q. Does NextAgency help me comply with HIPAA?

Yes, by securing and protecting the Personal Health Information (PHI) you enter or upload to NextAgency.

In addition, we enter into a business associate agreement with you. Of course, our ability to protect PHI is limited to protecting the information on our service. Once PHI is transferred or made available to you or your agency, protecting the PHI is your responsibility.

Please note: Emails and texts sent through NextBroker are not encrypted. Consequently, these communications are not HIPAA-compliant. If you are sending PHI in an email or text you should use your agency’s encrypted services.

Q. Who owns my client data?

You own your data. You give us permission to use the data to provide services, but you retain ownership of it. And you can retrieve it at any time by downloading reports and files.

Q. What can NextAgency use client data for?

We use the data to make NextAgency useful to you. We allow those users with appropriate permission to view client data, print reports and the like. We do not market to your clients nor do we share it with others except as necessary to provide our services. We even enter into an NDA with you to assure this.

Q. Will you communicate directly with my clients?

No, unless required by law or at your request.

Q. Can NextAgency personnel access financial or PHI?

Yes. This is why we provide them with training on HIPAA and protecting the privacy of the information held in the system. 

Q. Where can I find NextAgency’s Privacy Policy?

Just click on the Privacy Policy link in the footer of any page on this web site.

Q. Can I use NextAgency outside the United States?

No. Each country has their own laws and regulations concerning data protection and privacy. We focus on those in the United States. We neither monitor nor know if we comply with those in other countries. Consequently, using NextAgency outside the U.S. could put you in legal jeopardy.

Curious about the terms we use in NextAgeny. Check out our a glossary.