Filtering Leads and Saved Searches

Quickly Find Necessary Data

NextBroker’s advanced search functionality can help you not only narrow down your search results by specific criteria but also save those results for future use.

Search at an Advanced Level

There’s no need to dig into a prospect or client card in order to find some related cases, contacts or tasks if you’re using NextBroker. Just type the prospect’s or client’s name in the ever-present search field, and everything related to them will appear as a drop-down list.

Search at an Advanced Level
Filter Your Leads

Filter Your Leads the Way You Like

Narrow down your lead records by specific criteria by using NextBroker’s Quick Filters functionality.

Save Important Search Filters

Time is money, so better focus on work than waste your time on searches. With NextBroker, you can save important search filters to get back to them later, such as a list of prospects that you haven’t contacted yet or agents that need to renew their licenses.

Save Important Search Filters
Agency Management System

Save Your Sort Settings

Sort the list of your leads and then save those sort settings to display your leads in a way that is most convenient for you. For example, you can sort your leads by effective date and display 25 leads per page. Then, when you leave the leads page and return there again, the leads will be still sorted by effective date.

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