Generating Reports on NextHR

Easily Report Employee Data

With NextHR, your clients can easily create reports for sending data to their payroll company, ACA compliance service, HSA administrator, or any other vendor.

Customize Reports with Quick Filters

Each NextHR report has a built-in filtering functionality, which allows employers to quickly select the employee data they want to include in the report. Your clients can customize the reports according to their business needs.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Create Templates for Future Use

If your clients often generate reports on the same data, they can create templates that are based on the most frequently used reports. As a result, they don’t have to enter the same info over and over again and thus save time, focusing on their business.

Export Data to Excel

Employers can quickly export their reports into Excel spreadsheets to better visualize the data and make it easier to share reports with payroll companies, ACA compliance services, HSA administrators, or company managers.

Agency Management System