Hiring on NextHR

Optimize the Hiring Process

NextHR will turn your clients’ hiring process into a quick and pleasant experience. No more tedious manual work, as all necessary documents are now at their fingertips.

Add New Employees Quickly and Easily

Whether your clients want to add information about new employees or complete the hiring process for existing employees, NextHR provides convenient tools that will automate this process. However, the most remarkable feature is bulk import, which allows importing large amounts of employee data from an Excel file.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Get Reminders and Follow-Ups

NextHR shows your clients the hiring status of each employee in the list. If some hiring tasks are incomplete, the system informs you what should be completed by displaying notifications and sending automated email reminders.

Assign Benefits to Employees

After the hiring process is complete, employers can assign insurance benefits to their newly added employees with just a couple of clicks. They can also set up the employee contribution either as an amount or as a percentage.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Quickly Onboard Your Employees

Having been hired, your employees can benefit from quick and user-friendly onboarding. All they have to do is receive the welcome email, follow a link in the email to sign up, and walk through each step of the onboarding procedure.