The more you know, the more you’ll appreciate NextAgency.


Helping You and Your Clients Succeed

NextAgency is insurance agency software delivering agency management and CRM tools through NextBroker and employee management support through NextHR

And our focus on the basics and simplicity means NextAgency is software you and your clients will actually use.

You’re already successful. We don’t make you change the way you work. Instead, we help you better manage your agency and get more done more quickly and easily than ever. Because in today’s world, efficiency matters.

CRM Tools

Sell more, more easily: Track prospects, clients and tasks with powerful customer relationship management tools.

Powerful Sales Support

Selling gets easier:: With support for quotes, proposals and enrollment regardless of your GA or carriers.

Commission Tracking

Deliver value: Easily review applications before sending them on to carriers or general agents.

Agency Library

Quickly find what you need: All your client contacts, documents and notes in one place.

Agency Reports

Forms at your fingertips: Find the right form quickly from any computer, any time.

Customer Service

Deliver Dazzling Service: All your notes and messages on hand when you need them.

With NextHR your clients spend less time administering HR and benefits and more time growing their business with our simple to use employee management system. All thanks to you, for free.

Simplified Hiring

Easier processing: We reduce the pain out of adding and removing employees.

Time Tracking

Eliminate paperwork: Employees track time on their own, secure web sites.

PTO Management

Track and approve time-off: Simple tools makes it easy to manage the workforce.


Vendor Libraries

Organize service provider information: Payroll and other vendors contacts and forms are just a click away.

Easy Data Transfers

Custom report wizards: Transferring employee data from NextHR to payroll and other vendors is quick and easy.

Private Custom Portal

Their HR gateway; your brand: You’re promoted on their starting point for HR and benefit administration.

With NextHR you won’t be forcing your clients into working with any particular carrier, payroll company, ACA compliance firm, or other vendor. You’ll simply make it easier for them to work with who they want.

Commission Tracking

You Earned It — Make Sure You Get It

We make it easy to track your commissions by carrier or carrier. We even make it easy to find cases on which you haven’t been paid, but should have been. Work with sub-agents? We make it simple to calculate their payments and generate a commission statement.

NextConcierge Makes Getting Started Painless

Because You Want to Be Selling, Not Importing Data

NextAgency makes testing a way for you and your clients to get up-and-running fast with NextConcierge. We know you’re busy. So we’re exploring the feasibility of our team uploading your and your clients’ initial data. If you’re willing to be a beta tester for NextConcierge, contact us to see how affordable saving time can be.

Powerful, Flexible Reporting

Providing Data to the Vendors Your Clients Choose to Use

Your clients already have trusted carriers, payroll companies, ACA compliance firms, HSA administration and other vendors. We don’t replace those relationships; our data management engines supports them. NextHR’s powerful reporting engine allows your clients to extract the data they need to send their vendors, organized the way their vendors need to receive it. The result: simpler and safer data transfers that make your clients’ administrative tasks easier.


Because Seeing is Believing

NextAgency has a lot to offer you and your clients. We can tell you about it. Or you can see for yourself. Our tutorials not only demonstrate how easy the platform is to learn and use, but it provides an excellent tour. See for yourself.

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