NextBroker: The Powerful Broker Software Solution

Save time, money and clients with powerful agency management and CRM tools.

NextBroker is a powerful agency management system with CRM tools for health and life agencies. Yet it’s easy to learn and use. Access a timeline with all your tasks for the day or week. Track prospects through your sales pipeline and clients through a service pipeline. Quickly access carrier, client and agency forms and files from anywhere at any time. Simplify your sales process and keep on top of commissions to make sure you get what you earn. Create sub-agent commission statements painlessly.

Whether you sell group or individual insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, senior products or P&C,  NextBroker’s agency management and CRM features help you save time, money and clients.

Agency Management System

Insurance Agency CRM Tools

Agency Management Software that grow your business: Track prospects and clients, never miss a commitment, close more sales and data where you need it, when you need it. Plus, organize each day with your personalized timeline.

Learn more about Personalized Timelines and Tasks.

Fast-Track Sales

Selling just got easier:  From quoting through proposals and enrollment, we support your sales process regardless of the carriers or general agents, quoting or enrollment platforms you use. And your team is aligned to close more sales as they’ll know the status of every prospect.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Commission Tracking

Get what you’ve earned: NextBroker makes it easy to upload, audit and analyze your insurance commissions. View your commissions by carrier, client, product type, broker, or more. Tracking commission splits is easy and automatic. And comprehensive reports help you save lapsing cases, identify potential payment problems, and more.

Learn more about Commission Tracking.

Workflow Automation

Never Miss Anything Important: In NextBroker, you can manage automated workflows that are triggered by specific actions. As a result, you will get reminders about specific events, such as birthdays, efficient/renewal dates, accepted invites, completed tasks, and more.

Learn more about Workflow Automation.

Agency Management System

Agency Management System

Your Agency Library

Forms and files when and where you need them.  You’re an insurance professional. By definition you’ve got lots of documents to track: prospect and client files, rate sheets, commission agreements, SPDs, health care reform updates, menus of nearby restaurants. Keep them all close at hand in NextBroker’s online agency library. Some folders are automatically maintained, but you have the power to add the folders and files you need and control who sees what. Because after all, it’s your library.

We’ve Got Your Answers

You’ve got questions. NextBroker gets you answers. Who on your team is selling what?  Which carriers are having service issues? Who needs to do what — and when. Which clients generate the most revenue? NextBroker’s reports help you uncover the answers. Our reports even help you show your clients what you’ve done for them since the last renewal. Because data is good. Being able to use it is better.

Information at Your Fingertips

With NextBroker’s Home Page, important sales and administrative data is a click away. Quickly reach your agency library, carrier information, sales analysis, commission information, tasks, notes, censuses and the list goes on and on. NextBroker brings the information you need to keep your team aligned, keep your commitments, deliver outstanding service and save time, money and clients.

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