Manage Your Clients’ Benefits

Track and Record Your Clients’ Benefits

NextBroker’s powerful benefits functionality helps you assign benefits to your prospects and clients as well as effectively manage those benefits.

Agency Management System

Create Custom Benefit Types

Didn’t find a specific benefit type in our default benefit types list? No worries – you can easily create your own benefit type and fill in the required policy information.

Efficiently Manage Your Benefits

Use NextBroker to edit your policies, duplicate them, add files or notes, and update their renewal and effective dates.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Take Advantage of Dynamic Filters

When you edit a benefit record, NextBroker dynamically updates the fields based on your selection, such as product type and prospect/client type – individual, small group, or large group.

Review Historical Data

NextBroker allows you to view and edit not only current but also past benefit policy data as well.

Agency Management System