Manage Files and Forms on NextHR

Securely Manage Files and Forms

With NextHR, your clients and their employees can quickly and securely access files and forms made accessible by their employer.

Agency Management System

View File Details

Employers can take a deeper dive into the details of any file, such as its title, description, type, etc. They can also assign files (ie: employment agreement) to employees for completion. A status indicator allows the employer to view where in the completion process employees currently are.

Easily Send Files to Employees

With NextHR, you clients can make their employees aware of any new or updated files or forms. They can choose any number of documents and send them to selected employees or all employees within a couple of clicks.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Conveniently Organize Your Files

NextHR gives your clients a clear overview of all their files and folders. Convenient tree-like view makes it possible to drill down through the entire folder structure, expand each folder to view its content, and collapse it to view other files and folders.