The fast and easy way to get started with NextAgency.


Go Ahead and Sell. We’ll Handle the Set-Up.

NextAgency’s agency management system, NextBroker, helps save you time, money and clients. To get the most out of the platform, your existing data needs to get into the system. We make moving your current information into NextBroker easy and painless with NextConcierge, our fast and trustworthy on-boarding service.

Send Us Your Data

You gather and prepare your data. Then send it to us in whatever HIPAA-compliant way you choose. If you’re like most agencies that means through an encrypted cloud drive. However, some use thumb drives and we’re fine with that, as well.

Uploading Your Data

Now you sell while we get to work  Our experts will review your data. Then they’ll map it into NextBroker. The result is that your data gets to where you need it to be. We’ll keep in touch with you along the way. Because when it comes to your data, we try to avoid any surprises.

NextBroker is Ready

Congratulations: your agency data is in place and ready to use. That’s great news, because now you and your team can get the most from NextBroker. You’ll be on the same page concerning every client and prospect. Commitments won’t fall through the cracks. Commissions can be tracked. You data is now in one of the most powerful insurance agency management software systems around.

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