The Fast Path to Getting Started

Go ahead and sell. We’ll get your current data into NextAgency. Fast.

Send Us Your Data

You gather and prepare your data.
Download your current data into spreadsheets. Label it so we know what it is. ( We’re good but we’re not mind readers ). Then send us the data through our private and secure system.

Uploading Your Data

Now sell and service clients
Our experts review and map your data into NextAgency. The result is that your current records are where you need them to be. We’ll keep in touch with you along the way so we get it right fast and with no surprises.

NextConcierge Standard

Fast and Easy

Whether you’re coming to NextAgency from another agency management system or moving online for the first time, our optional NextConcierge service can get you up-and-running fast. That’s not surprising. This isn’t your first rodeo. Custom fields ? No problem. Multiple product lines? A piece of cake. We work with you to get the data you need where it needs to be in NextAgency.

Affordable and No Surprises

Before you engage our NextConcierge services we’ll review your data and explain the process. We’ll also provide you with a quote before work starts. Your cost and the timeline is determined by the type, complexity, organization and volume of your data. Our competitive fees keep your cost low (and NABIP members save an additional 50%). Many agencies find it is less expensive then importing the data themselves. But the choice to use NextConcierge is always yours.

NextConcierge Enhanced

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