Your office emails now connect with NextAgency

Sync your office email with NextAgency through NextMail. Whether you use Outlook, Gmail, ProtonMail or dozens of other leading services, linking your email with NextAgency is safe and simple.

Agency Management System

Quickly Connect Your Mailbox

With just a couple of clicks you can import emails, contacts, calendar events and notes from your existing email account. Any actions that you take in Office 365/Outlook or GMail are also mirrored in NextMail, so no action is left unaccounted for.

Automatic Email Routing

Match your shared emails with leads, prospects and clients.
Emails to and from existing leads and cases are automatically routed to their record. If they are not in your database yet, adding them is simple.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Easily Assign Mails

Emails about, but not to a client?
Not a problem. NextMail enables you to associate emails to a prospect or client in a matter of seconds.

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