Exchange Mails Within and Outside Your Agency

NextBroker provides an internal mailing system that you can synchronize with your Gmail or Office 365 (ie. Outlook, Exchange) account and use it to exchange emails within and outside your agency.

Quickly Connect Your Mailbox

With just a couple of clicks you can import emails, contacts, calendar events and notes from your existing email account. Any actions that you take in Office 365/Outlook or GMail are also mirrored in NextMail, so no action is left unaccounted for.


Associate NextMail with Leads

Match your NextMail accounts or any other email addresses in your mailing list with existing leads. NextMail detects the match automatically and shows all available leads directly in the mailbox. If there are no leads associated with your email account, you can create new leads directly from NextMail.

Easily Assign Mails

Within NextMail, you can assign mails to carriers, agency contacts, vendors, and clients/prospects. As a result, you will never miss any important information.


Coming Soon: Team Collaboration

Allowing team collaboration within email boxes so users can access team inboxes such as info@ , support@, sales@ all in one collaborative setting.