Stay Front and Center with Clients

Keep Your Clients Engaged and Remove Risk of BOR Changes

NextHR provides a custom client portal, which is a personalized dashboard for as many clients as you wish. Each client portal is private, secure, and branded with the agency name and contact information.

Agency Management System

Get a Customized Dashboard

Your clients will view their logo, contacts, and other important information in one place. They can also add informative content for employees, such as reminders and posts, with just a couple of clicks.

Easily Manage Employee Benefits

All changes that you make to employee benefits in NextBroker, such as adding documents, are synchronized and displayed to your clients in NextHR.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Control Who Can See Data

NextHR offers your clients two roles – admin and employee – each of which has its own set of access permissions. For example, admins can assign insurance benefits to employees, whereas employees can only view the assigned benefits.

Export Data to Excel

Your clients can quickly generate advanced Excel reports to send the data to their payroll company, ACA compliance service, HSA administrator, or any other vendor.

Agency Management System