Time Tracking & PTO on NextHR

Easily Track Time and Manage PTOs

NextHR makes it easy for employees to enter and for managers to review the worked hours and time-off requests. NextHR’s permissions system makes sure that the employer and employee processes do not interfere with each other.

Agency Management System

Quickly Log Worked Time

Your clients’ employees can record worked hours in their timesheets and submit those timesheets to their managers with a couple of clicks. NextHR helps to make sure that employee hours are tracked and paid accordingly.

Request and Approve Paid Time Off

NextHR offers a fast and convenient way to manage and process PTO. Employees can request time off whereas employers can review and approve those requests. To make sure nothing is missed, NextHR sends automatic email reminders of any pending PTO’s and also displays them clearly on the dashboard.

Agency Management System
Agency Management System

Review PTO Data at a Glance

With NextHR, employers see a detailed overview of all PTO-related data, including policies, vacation, holidays, sick and personal leaves. It’s also possible to incorporate this data into an Excel file with convenient reports functionality.