Personalized Timelines. Shared Tasks and Notes

Because missing commitments is bad for business

Keep your team on the same page

NextAgency makes it easy to keep everyone in your agency tuned in with what’s going on. Notes, Tasks and Timelines make it simple to coordinate assignments, keep an eye on deadlines, and prepare for renewals.

Agency Management System

Your To-Do List

Personalized for you.
NextAgency’s Timeline brings together all your active tasks, notes and tickets so you don’t lose track of what needs doing by when. Create an agenda for today or tomorrow, this week or next week, with just a click. View assignments by deadline or priority, who created the task or who you assigned a task to. Timeline helps you get the most out of every day.

Notes and Tasks

Inform the team and get things done.
NextAgency’s Notes helps you share information your team needs to know about each client. Tasks helps you manage and track what your team needs to do for each client. In NextAgency it’s easy to attach documents, set-multiple notifications, and  prioritize what needs to be done. Quickly export tasks to Outlook or Google Calendar to make sure you never miss an appointment or commitment.

Agency Management System

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