You vs Zenefits

Our bet is on you.

If you’re an insurance broker, we’re going to drink your milkshake.

Parker Conrad, Founding CEO
Zenefits, May 2013

Like Hell you will. Not on our watch.

Alan Katz, Co-Founder
NextAgency, May 2015


Zenefits and the like have a simple business model: take your business.

And they’re definitely not waiting around.
Zenefits, Namely, Gusto and the rest are spending tens of millions of dollars marketing to your clients.


footer-next-agencyhelps you take their business.

NextAgency levels the playing field. And on a level playing field who is going to win?

An employer can work with you, someone she knows, who knows her, her company and the local market. Or she can deal with a call center she’ll never see with reps who don’t know her and never will.

Who is going to win? We’re betting it’s you.


Does Zenefits Still Matter?


They’re still here. They still have a mountain of cash. And tens of thousands of clients. Most important: they still want your business. They’re not the only ones. Namely and Gusto are just a couple of the other tech companies using Zenefits’ playbook to tilt the playing field against you.

The good news is that they all share a serious weakness. They’re not you and NextAgency.

Your Value. Our Tech. Unbeatable.

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